david-virgin-sekret-sekre1David Virgin, born in North Dublin 1962. By 16, with his band “The Broken Toys”, he was playing at the legendary Grand Hotel and Garabaldis in the early Sydney punk scene ’78 – ’79. He then started working with Dan Rumour (later of the Cruel Sea), in the industrial noise band SPK, David composed, played bass live and recorded the first 4 singles with SPK ,as well as the “Auto-da-fe” album still only 16 or 17years old. Around the same time, Virgin & Rumour started the post punk Psychedelic group Sekret Sekret in which they achieved 5 No1 positions in the Australian Independent charts. Sekret Sekret lasted 7 years and were the major influence for such bands as the Triffids, The Go – Betweens and the Church. You can find their song New King Jack on Tim Pittmans’ “Tales Of The Australian Underground” double album. Sekret Sekret later became The Cruel Sea getting Tex Perkins on vocals. david-virgin-sgDavid spent the next 10 years in Europe playing extensively and recording. David has now recorded his 2nd album with Dan Rumour, the first was “Landlord Green” released in 1992. Their latest release titled “VIRGIN & RUMOUR” recorded Winter 2004 . In 2006 David released “Dublin 7″ In early 2008 the album “Rock & Roll Meditations” was made available. June 2008 another Virgin album ” Posing As A Sodomite” was released. In 2012 David released the classic rock album International Treasure, in 2013 he released the antique blues album Party Like It’s 1899 with sons Rohan and Alex, and in 2014 he released the alt-country album Boots N Tooths. David is now working on his latest album The Beautiful Album, which will be out late 2014.

David has shared the stage with Nick Cave, John Cooper Clark, Jonathan Richman, Mary Black, INXS, The Church, the triffids, The Go Betweens,Cat Power, Lloyd Cole, Billy Bragg, Tim Freedman, etc. ..